Polaroid reproductions in a limited, signed and numbered edition of 10 copies


Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188 gsm, format 21 x 21 cm, Image ca. 14 x 11,5 cm


For the Polaroid reproductions i offer two Frame options:
Halbe Alu 8 Frame (Rahmen) 21 x 21 cm Magnet M medium gray (Mittelgrau Matt), Glas I
Halbe Holz Erle, 10 Frame (Rahmen) 21 x 21 cm Magnet, Glas I


Each Image is 180,00 Euro without Frame, 200,00 Euro incl. Frame,
19 % Tax included, but shipping / Postal service NOT included


Your order via email: oliver@foenx.de


aluminium frame timber frame




not for sale are the following polaroids:


  • mylifeinpolaroids0112, mylifeinpolaroids0113, mylifeinpolaroids0114, mylifeinpolaroids0115, mylifeinpolaroids0116, mylifeinpolaroids0117
  • mylifeinpolaroids0204, mylifeinpolaroids0205, mylifeinpolaroids0206, mylifeinpolaroids0207
  • mylifeinpolaroids0296, mylifeinpolaroids0297
  • mylifeinpolaroids0299
  • mylifeinpolaroids0305
  • mylifeinpolaroids0312, mylifeinpolaroids0313, mylifeinpolaroids0314, mylifeinpolaroids0315
  • mylifeinpolaroids0336, mylifeinpolaroids0337, mylifeinpolaroids0339
  • mylifeinpolaroids0342
  • mylifeinpolaroids0352
  • mylifeinpolaroids0362, mylifeinpolaroids0363, mylifeinpolaroids0364, mylifeinpolaroids0365, mylifeinpolaroids0366, mylifeinpolaroids0367, mylifeinpolaroids0368, mylifeinpolaroids0369, mylifeinpolaroids0370, mylifeinpolaroids0371
  • mylifeinpolaroids0380, mylifeinpolaroids0381, mylifeinpolaroids0382, mylifeinpolaroids0383
  • mylifeinpolaroids0392
  • mylifeinpolaroids0400, mylifeinpolaroids0401, mylifeinpolaroids0402, mylifeinpolaroids0403, mylifeinpolaroids0404, mylifeinpolaroids0405
  • mylifeinpolaroids0429
  • mylifeinpolaroids0436
  • mylifeinpolaroids0443